Monday, June 25, 2012

Another trip to the ER

They kind of sneak up on us.  Everything is going along just great and then you get a phone call. 

Rob, Chris and I were home watching a movie.  There was only 10 minutes left when the phone rang.  Taylor was due home in an hour from one of the multiple (safe and sane) grad parties he was attending.  He told Rob that he thought he could drive home but he dislocated a finger on his left hand.  Rob told him no, that we would come and get him. ( I love the gps on my iPhone!)

When we got there Taylor was in a happy mood with ice wrapped around his middle finger with a kitchen towel.  Turns out the mom at the party is an OR nurse! Tay's finger was still fairly crooked and only slightly swollen.  He slipped on the wet grass and fell.  When he got up him finger was visibly bent to the left so he popped it back in place.  Everyone thought it was just a dislocation maybe he needed to see a doctor or maybe not.  We decided it was worth the copay to go to the ER since our clinic was already closed for the day.

It was 8:30pm when he fell.  We arrived at the ER at 9:40.  We got all checked in and into the ER exam room by 10pm.  Everyone is so friendly at the ER at Everett Providence Colby campus.  Taylor was seen by the ER doc and explanations were about what might be going on.  Xrays were ordered and we waited. And waited. And waited!  There was a stroke code called in the ER.  Then we waited some more.  Soon the Xray cart arrived and they were done in a flash! They told us it would be an hour after Xrays before they would know anything.  Taylor texted his friends one handed and did a little facebook on his iPod.  I read my Kindle and Rob was on his iPad.  Yes, techie geeks!!

There was another stroke code in a different part of the hospital. That really does slow things down around the whole hospital...well, at least in the ER! The doc came in at 12:45 with the results. Yep, it was broken but they could only see it on the xray taken from the side.  He wants Taylor to see an orthopedic doctor before he leaves for the summer.  At about 1:10 the tech came in and put a splint on Taylor.  Then we had to wait for the nurse to come and release us.  We got home at 2 am!!  We had to be up at 6.  Yes, life goes on!

Poor Taylor!  His finger is still fairly swollen and it is painful.  He is supposed to be up at his summer job on Wednesday!  Getting medical referrals on short notice is NOT easy with our insurance company.  The paperwork will be done on Wednesday!  Oh well, we do the best we can and make the best of the situation.  Taylor is a trooper.  He is getting good at doing things with one hand.  He is grateful the break wasn't on his right hand.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

He's gone!

Well, Alex is gone.  Yep! He went in to the MTC in Provo today.  He called  first thing this morning from my sister's house in Utah where he spent the night.  I talked with him for about 20 minutes and it was nice. 

I had to go to work at Cotton Pickins just for Shop Hop this week.  I got my "final" call from Alex on my way to town.  It was tough.  It is such a tear jerker when you know you can't just pick up the phone or send a text whenever you want.  I know he is doing what he should be doing and what he wants to be doing.  I will surely miss having him around this summer while the other boys are around.  I cried most of the way in to town.  I am so mushy!!  I am very proud of him.

He has a blog if you want to see what he is up to while he is serving in the New Mexico Farmington Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It is .  There are 2 posts on there now.

Oh, how life goes on.  Taylor is just coming home from auditioning for a community theater production.  I don't know how that went but he said it wasn't his worst audition! :-)  He cracks me up!  He is leaving for his summer job on the 27th of June.  He will be up at Scout Camp as the director of the Pathfinder section of camp.

Chris is home for the summer working at a machine shop in Arlington.  He is pretty excited as he will earn enough to pay for school and he is getting a Pelle grant!!  Now he is planning a trip to Japan after school gets out in the summer next year.

Matt is down in Eugene preparing for some core exams for his PhD program.  He has completed his first year of grad school.  He is busy, busy.  He and Katie are getting married on August 31st.  That's his birthday so he should be good for always remembering their anniversary!!  We are busy getting the place ready for an open house on August 24th here.

Rob also changed jobs at Boeing.  He doesn't get to work from home anymore.  He has been getting a little more overtime as well.  I sure miss him not being home on Fridays though. But then again, life goes on.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's New With Us

I am a slacker! 

In December we headed off to Utah for mom and dad's anniversary.  Yep!  50 years!!  I hope I get to do that.   We also got to spend the holidays there.  We took an "extra" with us to Utah.  Katie Bond and Matt "officially" got engaged in Utah.  She will be a wonderful addition to our family.  It was great to see Chris and Alex who are attending BYU Provo.  Ashley and Travis made it for the party as well as Travis' parents.  They were helping Ash and Travis move back to Houston after we all attended Travis' graduation at BYU Idaho in Rexburg.  Scott (my brother) and Bridget spent the holidays in Utah as well.  We had my whole family together for Mom and Dad's party.  We even saw a few people from our childhood that have moved to Utah over the years.  It was great fun.  I think Mom and Dad had fun and that was the goal.

In February my uncle passed away.  Rob was able to help out a lot with arrangements.  We were fortunate enough to host my parents, uncle and one aunt here at the house.  It was a beautiful day for the funeral, quite unnatural for February in Washington. After that I was able to make a Mom/Grandma trip to Houston.  We planned a surprise for Ashley.  Boy, was it hard to keep that a secret.  I almost slipped up and so did Nena but when it came right down to it we succeeded in surprising her.  Brent picked me up from the airport and when we walked in Ashley wasn't in the room but when she heard Brent's voice she came out of the pantry with Austin.  I was standing right where she could see me but she was holding Austin's hands as they walked out and then she looked up while she was talking to Austin about Grandpa being home.  It was PRICELESS!!!  She actually started tearing up.  She handed off Austin and came running across the room.  It was totally worth the 5 hour flight!  We had an awesome week together. They took me shopping all over Houston.  My favorite 2 shops were Charming Charlie's and Things Remembered.  I got to go for walks with Nena a few times in the mornings before Ashley and Austin were up.  You know, it is warm in Houston in February!  When I came home it snowed!!  Dislike!

In March we were fortunate to be able to get seats every night of the HS play "Grease".  Taylor was in the ensemble.  He got to dance and sing and have a blast.  He even had a solo in one of the songs.  We loved seeing him every night!  We even hosted a cast party here at the house.  It is always sad when the play ends.  It was hard watching them tear down the set on the last night.  It was like watching a friend die.  But Taylor already tried out and got in another play.  He will be in the student directed play in May.  The play is "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog".  On the last night of the play he was also asked to Prom. 

April brought an Easter with just Taylor.  That was a little different for us.  Taylor and I hunted Easter eggs in the front yard.  The eggs were camouflage.  Oh, my heck, that was tough!!  I think I am too old for that.  We also got a new dishwasher.  The old one was screaming every time we turned it on.  Some day all of the appliances will be stainless steel.  I totally love it.

Earlier in the Spring there was a bridal open house at Cama Beach State Park.  I was asked to bring some cakes.  The caterer loved my cakes and now I am wholesaling wedding cakes for some of the weddings there.  How exciting is that!! I hope I can keep up with that.

Katie and Matt are getting married Labor Day weekend.  I am making a gluten free cake for them and regular cupcakes for the centerpieces on all the tables at the ring ceremony.  We are working to get the yard all put together for an open house on August 24th.  I have bought a few plants, moved some plants around, and ripped some totally out.  It sure is nice here when the weather cooperates!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I didn't drop off the face of the earth!

Although, I must admit it seems like it.  I just haven't felt like I had anything to say that anyone would care about! And you probably won't care now either but at least you looked!  :-)

Harley is gone!  That was a very tough time for us.  He really is part of the family. He had had a really tough week and we were planning to kennel him for our trip to Rexburg for Austin's baby blessing.  When push came to shove we ended up putting him down instead of boarding him.  He lived so much longer than they told us he would when he was diagnosed.  On his last day we took him outside to visit all his favorite places.  He got to go see the pigs and the chickens.  He went over to the neighbors and looked in their back door.  It was all so sad for us and he probably didn't know what was going on.  Rob stayed home with me that day and we went in together.  We know we made the right decision but here 5 months later it just makes me cry.  I think we are done having pets.  That was the hardest thing we have ever done.

Back to the present!  I just returned from Portland.  Rob walked his first half marathon!  He did an amazing job.  He finished 15 minutes faster than he planned on.  It was dry when he started but it didn't stay that way. Fortunately, it never soaked them but it sprinkled and showered most of the time.  Taylor and I walked all over Portland while we waited for Rob to come in.  We did find a place and waited for Rob to walk by.  It was around the 4 mile mark.  That was the last we saw him.  He his cell with him and would send out an occassional text which I would then relay to our family.  We did find Voodoo Donuts.  They were featured on the Food Network once.  We waited in line there for 45 minutes.  The donuts were okay but the shop was cool.

Before heading out to Portland I staffed a Woodbadge training course for BSA.  I had never done anything like that before.  I don' t know that I was all that good a staffer but I learned a lot about myself and that made it good for me.  I could do it again in the future with a bit more confidence...if they ever ask me!

It looks as if there will be another wedding in our future.  When that is all official I will write about it.  It won't be until next fall so there is plenty of time.

I am gearing up to help with my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration in December.  We will be heading to Utah for our Christmas break where we (with my siblings) will host a party for my parents in Salem on December 22nd.  Karen and I have had fun planning this.  There is still much to do. Rob and I also helped with his parents' 50th celebration this summer in Pueblo.  It was great fun to see everyone again.  A word to the wise for you bakers out there.  When the box of cake mix says to adjust for is a good idea to follow that direction!!  I learned the hard way.

Fall made us almost empty nesters.  Yep, Taylor is the only one left at home.  It is pretty quiet here. Scheduling things is a lot easier when we don't have to have 5 people in 5 different places with only 3 cars!!  I am not saying it is a snap but it isn't rocket science anymore!

Thanks for taking a moment to share my life!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

He's here!!

Whew!  It has been a crazy, crazy few weeks here.  My head hurts when I think about it.  The craziness started in March, yep more than 4 weeks ago!!  April looked like it was going to be hectic but we had no idea.

It started with the SHS production of "Bye, Bye Birdie" in March.  Both boys were in that and did a super amazing job.  Alex blew everyone away with his portrayal of Mr. MacAfee.  We knew Alex could sing but he shocked us all up there on the stage that first night.  WOW!!  He stole a few scenes, too.  Taylor didn't do too bad either as he pulled off a great Hugo Peabody.  I think he would like to have had a role with some more singing in it though.  Rob and I went to all 5 performances.  We were grateful for a discounted "parent" pass.  We sure love to watch our children in whatever they choose to do.

The week after the play ended Ashley called me with a question.  She wanted to know if she needed to call the doctor.  Why?  She had fallen down the stairs outside of her apartment.  It was after hours at her doctor's clinic and she didn't want to bother anyone.  I remember insisting that she call.  She didn't really want to call but she did.  She spent 4 hours at the hospital that night as they monitored her contractions and did and exhaustive ultrasound to check the baby.  All was well but that started a massive change to our plans. I started packing a bag and we almost left the next day for Rexburg.

The last Thursday in March was Taylor's Eagle Court.  Sometimes when you are the youngest of five you don't get the same treatment as everyone else.  Such was the case for Taylor's Eagle Court.  We didn't even get invitations out.  Taylor invited people via email!! The court was held with two other Eagle Scouts and it was very nicely done but the Huff's probably did the least of all the families as far as preparations go.  I do believe Taylor had an enjoyable time.  It was a very nice court of honor.

The boys had training the first weekend of April for NYLT.  They were up at Black Mountain.  They got back Sunday around noon.  That was about the time that Rob and I were headed out to a retirement party for one of the guys that Rob worked for at Boeing.  The party was at Sahalie Country Club down south.  It was good to meet some people that Rob worked with and put faces to the names.  We did feel a little out of our element, everyone was walking around with a glass of wine! 

We left bright and early Monday morning headed out for spring break and baby duty.  We took a friend with us.  Her daughter is in Rexburg, too.  We arrived in Rexburg 14 hours after leaving our house.  It was a long drive but we had quite the number of drivers in 2 car caravan.  Once in Rexburg we stayed with Ashley and Travis.  The boys stayed with Matt in his apartment.  Ashley was doing well but she had over done it.  We all do too much when family is coming to visit!  She had a doctor appointment scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.  We decided to wait to see what the doctor said before continueing on to Utah for some college things.  At her appointment they didn't tell her much but scheduled another appointment for Friday and told her that she needed to pretty much be on bedrest.  Good luck with that one!!

While in Utah we restocked Chris's apartment with a trip to Costco.  That was fun!!  Really, I had fun putting stuff in the cart.  I think towards the end Rob was trying to get me out of there because I was going way over the amount Rob had in mind.  Chris was so skinny though!!  He should do okay over the summer now!! :-)
On Thursday we took Alex, Taylor and cousin Brandon with Aunt Karen on a BYU campus tour.  We got loaded into a huge golf cart and toured around campus.  Our guide was fun and interesting. They get a little to close to the edge of the cliff when they are talking about the rec centers on campus!!  After the tour Alex and Brandon each met with the Freshman Mentors to learn about classes that they would need to take and learn about Freshmen Bundling.  Alex has 19 credits already from his ACT scores and his AP test scores.  It was very beneficial to see how that all fit into his schedule.

On Friday morning we headed back up to Idaho for Matt's convocation services that evening.  Ashley reported from her Friday doctor appointment that they couldn't figure out why they hadn't induced  her yet.  It was now scheduled for Monday morning at 7:30 if she didn't go before then on her own.  Ashley did join us for all of the graduation festivities.  She was a trooper!  I know that she was in pain.  Matt walked at convocation Friday and on Saturday morning there was a graduation for everyone.  It was held in the Idaho Center.  That is a real nice addition to the campus.  It reminds me of the Conference Center in Salt Lake. It was so cold in Rexburg.  There was snow on the ground in the morning.  It did melt off but we got a picture of Matt after getting his diploma!

On Monday morning Ashley, Travis, Rob and I headed off to the hospital.  Ashley was all hooked up and ready to go by 8:15.  They put in the epidural at noon and Ashley was able to start pushing at about 6:30.  She did an amazing job.  I got to be there the whole time.  It is quite a different experience being beside the bed rather than in the bed. Austin weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces born at 7:23pm.  They measured him at 18 1/2 inches but that number always changes depending on who is doing the measuring!!  They came home from the hospital on Wednesday evening.

Rob, Alex and Taylor came home on Tuesday.  They had so much going on at home that they needed to be back for.  Taylor missed the first two days of Drivers Ed (hurray! we are almost done with that one!!).  The boys had choir festival on Thursday and Alex had a solo there that he needed to practice for.   Monday the 18th Alex rearended a classmate at dental office on the island on the way to school.  Everyone was fine but 22 year old Blazer versus 2008 Jetta,  it wasn't a pretty site for the other guy.  That is a tough call to get from Washington at 8 in the morning in Idaho!!  Then this past Thursday another one of those yucky phone calls came.  Taylor had been hit in the face with a hockey stick in PE!!  I did get that one coordinated pretty well with the doctor before Rob even got back to the doctor in Everett.  Taylor didn't need to have stitches but they did glue it shut and it has steri strips on it that should be there for another week.

Boy, was I glad to get home!  Matt and I made the 14 hour trip in 17 hours. (Thanks to road contruction on the pass!) I miss my grandson terribly.  I love holding a little baby.  The crying didn't really bother me either.  I wish it would have been that way when my kids were babes.  Oh, and by the way, Rob has a fever over 102!!  And that is what I came home to.  I love my life, it is truly wonderful!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in Whistler

It is absolutely beautiful here.  Big fluffy snow flakes have been falling almost continually since our arrival.  It does seem to slow down at night after we have gone to bed but we don’t even notice!!  We went to lunch at the Spaghetti Factory yesterday.  It was a very beautiful, peaceful walk down from the upper village.  The snow is just sitting thickly on every branch.  The mountain was covered with skiers.  Almost makes one think about taking a lesson!  The snow was so wet that by the time we arrived at the restaurant my hair was soaked to the skin.  I didn’t have the hood for my parka with me, darn it.  Rob gave everyone $10 canadian (par for US$) and we drew names again and had to find something in that range for gifts tonight.  It was a bit of a challenge and tax here is HIGH.  It was fun to split up.  Some people have favorite stores and whoever got those names knew just where to shop!!  Taylor drew Ashley and immediately knew that he was going to the Cow store!!  We got home just as darkness was falling.  The whistle on the tower marked the time as 4:30.  The snow is deep in the village.  Rob has had fun taking pictures but he wishes it would stop snowing for just a little while so he can take pictures without white bits everywhere.  Ashley, Travis and Taylor braved the pool last night. It is quite hilarious, I think.  I am standing there in my parka under the heat post with gloves on my hands and they are all half naked in the water.  Travis hit the hot tub but Ashley isn’t allowed so we came back upstairs after about 45 minutes. We played Canasta after they returned from drying off and warming up.  Chris snowboarded most of the evening….from the chair in front of the x box.  He was quite good.  When asked if he wanted to try for real, I believe the answer was “heck no!  I have no desire to slide around.” Hahahahhah   Today we make preparations for our Christmas dinner this evening.  I brought everything with that we would need.  I would have brought my Kitchenaid mixer if I thought there would be any room but I knew better.  It was a most interesting pack job to get us and our stuff into two sedans for the drive up here.  Grocery shopping in Squamish meant that any remaining available space would be taken up with fresh produce and dairy products.
We are delighted to have our family all together with us.  God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're home!!

What a wonderful visit we have had with our family in Utah.  Ashley and Travis told us that our grandchild is a boy!! Now I can shop! :-)

When we left from our home the weather was less than ideal.  We didn't think we could make it up the hill to drop Harley at the kennel! There was a bit of slipping going on since not all of the hills had been sanded and there was quite a bit of snow....everywhere.  The kids only missed one day of school instead of two and a half.  They cancelled school the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

We stopped in LaGrande on the way down.  It was soooooo cold!  I think it was 5*.  We did find a wonderful pizza place with amazing wings so I guess it was worth it.  :-)  When we left in the morning it was -18* in Ladd Canyon.  I was glad I packed that long underwear but I wish I had been wearing it! Did you know that when you go to where it is cold in the winter that you should change out your windshield washer fluid? Yep.  It freezes if you don't have the stuff in there for -35*.  Ours thawed out on Friday!  We had to pour windshield washer fluid on the windshield when we stopped at every rest area because the roads were so wet (hey, better than ice).

My sister is so organized.  We each had a portion of Thanksgiving meal to prepare.  Up until the very last little bit before dinner we didn't even have any traffic jams in the kitchen!  The meal was amazing.  There were 16 of us. I think we had 6 pies.  I believe that by the time we left on Sunday there may have been one piece left!

We did go out shopping on Black Friday.  We thought the parking lot was pretty empty when we drove by Walmart.  When we got to the mall we saw where everyone was!  There was not a parking place to be had.  It was packed but the shoppers were all very pleasant.

Friday evening we took the train up to the Lights at Temple Square.  That is always a fun trip.  It was a bit cold at Temple Square.  It was only about 20* and the crowds were a little lighter than the two previous times we had been there.  Ashley and Travis went back to the spot where he proposed!

Cards! My gosh, we played cards.  I we played Canasta with 10 people and divided into only two teams.  Did you know that you can finish a game of Canasta in just three hands when there are that many people? Travis hadn't played before but he sure loved to freeze the pile!  Travis also taught us Hand & Foot.  Christmas is sure going to be fun!!

We left Sunday after church to head home.  We had been on the road for about an hour and a half when we found out that the road was closed ahead.  BUMMER!  We ended up driving up to Pocatello and over.  The roads were hideous. We did find a room in Twin Falls.  Surely, Monday's drive would be better.  It was only slightly better.  It was sure nice to sleep in our own bed last night!