Monday, June 25, 2012

Another trip to the ER

They kind of sneak up on us.  Everything is going along just great and then you get a phone call. 

Rob, Chris and I were home watching a movie.  There was only 10 minutes left when the phone rang.  Taylor was due home in an hour from one of the multiple (safe and sane) grad parties he was attending.  He told Rob that he thought he could drive home but he dislocated a finger on his left hand.  Rob told him no, that we would come and get him. ( I love the gps on my iPhone!)

When we got there Taylor was in a happy mood with ice wrapped around his middle finger with a kitchen towel.  Turns out the mom at the party is an OR nurse! Tay's finger was still fairly crooked and only slightly swollen.  He slipped on the wet grass and fell.  When he got up him finger was visibly bent to the left so he popped it back in place.  Everyone thought it was just a dislocation maybe he needed to see a doctor or maybe not.  We decided it was worth the copay to go to the ER since our clinic was already closed for the day.

It was 8:30pm when he fell.  We arrived at the ER at 9:40.  We got all checked in and into the ER exam room by 10pm.  Everyone is so friendly at the ER at Everett Providence Colby campus.  Taylor was seen by the ER doc and explanations were about what might be going on.  Xrays were ordered and we waited. And waited. And waited!  There was a stroke code called in the ER.  Then we waited some more.  Soon the Xray cart arrived and they were done in a flash! They told us it would be an hour after Xrays before they would know anything.  Taylor texted his friends one handed and did a little facebook on his iPod.  I read my Kindle and Rob was on his iPad.  Yes, techie geeks!!

There was another stroke code in a different part of the hospital. That really does slow things down around the whole hospital...well, at least in the ER! The doc came in at 12:45 with the results. Yep, it was broken but they could only see it on the xray taken from the side.  He wants Taylor to see an orthopedic doctor before he leaves for the summer.  At about 1:10 the tech came in and put a splint on Taylor.  Then we had to wait for the nurse to come and release us.  We got home at 2 am!!  We had to be up at 6.  Yes, life goes on!

Poor Taylor!  His finger is still fairly swollen and it is painful.  He is supposed to be up at his summer job on Wednesday!  Getting medical referrals on short notice is NOT easy with our insurance company.  The paperwork will be done on Wednesday!  Oh well, we do the best we can and make the best of the situation.  Taylor is a trooper.  He is getting good at doing things with one hand.  He is grateful the break wasn't on his right hand.

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